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I had an experience of sharing.When my slowly moved,I had to go to a new school and study in a new class. The first test made me so nervous that I failed. I got worried and felt helpless until one of my new classmates came up to me and asked softly if I was OK. After I told him about my problem, he gave me some advice. 

From then on,we got to know each other and shared our ideas,problems,and happiness.We became good friends. Sharing with friends helped me bring back my confidence and fit in with others.




In our life, everyone has some experiences of sharing something with others, like sharing an interesting book, a good idea and problems.     

I had a memorable experience of sharing. Though I was interested in math in Grade 6, my math was poor. I could hardly understand what my math teacher said in class. I didn’t know how to deal with the math problems. My best friend, whose math was pretty good, give me some suggestions on how to learn math well. With his help, my math has made more progress.      

Sharing not only brings me happiness, but also, more importantly, I get a precious friendship.      

In a word, sharing is a good way to encourage everyone to make a change and enjoy happiness.





第三篇范文:Sharing Housework

Mother is always the greatest person in the family, because she takes care of everything, she does all the housework, though she is a housewife, what she is so heavy and great. I nearly help my mother to do the housework, when I go home after school, I always go out to play with my friend and then until the dinner, I will come back. 

Now as I grow up, I start to realize that I need to help my mother, I should share some housework, so that I can reduce her burden. Since I help my mother with the housework, she looks so happy, she will praise me in front of her friends. I feel proud of myself.



It is important to share our happiness with others. When I pass an important, win a prize or do a good deed,I will be very happy to share them with others. In this way I will make others happy and feel happier too. As soon as I have good news, I will tell friends first and then tell my parents. They will feel proud of me. When my parents or friends praise me or congratulate me, I will feel very happy. Sometimes, I will treat my friends with candy to share my pleasure.  

In a word, tell others when you are happy,and you will make the world more beautiful.  

In todays society, the meaning of sharing seems not understood by many of us, people nowadays tend to be more selfish.  

What caused this phenomenon? In my point of view, since it is common that every family just have one child and they grew up alone, it is difficult for them share what they have owned with others, and on the other hand, with our country developed, the characteristics of people have changed, they cheat with each other, and do something harmful to their relationship, the trust between them have totally broken up. 

They just are on guard against each other, let alone hope they can share with each other. In terms of this problem, I really hope we can open our heart and be trusted to others, sharing their sorrow and happiness with friends, and sharing what they have with others. It is sharing that makes us not alone and makes our life colorful.







Sharing is important for everyone of us . 

If everyone of us can share our experiences,knowledge and love with others , our society will develop more quilkly. To be honest,sharing is a difficult things if we want to do it well .But we can do it from our daily life. Although we cant do it well .In daily life,we can share good things with our friends .We can also give a hand to others. Not only we need to do these ,but also we need to share our interests with everyone.If we do it with ourselves ,we will have much more new friends.It is helpful for us to do everything. 

Acording to these thoughts ,we can know sharing is a good habit for everyone of us.




第六篇作文:An Experience of Sharing

I had an experience of sharing.

When my family moved I had to go to a new school and study in a new class. The first test made me so nervous that I failed. I got worried and felt helpless until one of my new classmates came up to me and asked softly if I was OK. After I told him about my problem he gave me some advice. From then on we got to know each other and shared our ideas problems and happiness. We became good friends.

Sharing with friends helped me bring back my confidence and fit in with others.




第七篇范文:Learn to share

I believe when we were little babies we were taught to learn to share with others. At first I don’t understand. But now I can understand gradually.

Share happiness will make me feel happier while share my sadness with my friends will make me reduce sadness. When I told my friends I got the first praise in the recital contest they all congratulated to me and said many good words which made me happier. When I got blame from my teacher I told my friends which made me felt comfortable. Besides their comfort also helped me feel better. What’s more sharing my experience with others that help them lots can makes me feel satisfied.

Anyway sharing my emotion and things with others makes me feel awesome. You’d better try to learn to share and then you will understand.