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作文开头:my dream

Everyone has their own dreams, I am the same.

But my dream is not a lawyer, not a doctor, not actors, not even an industry. Perhaps my dream big people will find it ridiculous, but this has been my pursuit! My dream is to want to have a folk life! I want it to become a beautiful painting, it is not only sharp colors, but also the colors are bleak, I do not rule out the painting is part of the black, but I will treasure these bleak colors! Not yet, how about, a colorful painting, if not bleak, add color, how can it more prominent American? Life is like painting, painting the bright red color represents life beautiful happy moments. Painting a bleak color represents life difficult, unpleasant time. 

You may find a flat with a beautiful road is not very good yet, but I do not think it will. If a person lives flat then what is the point? Life is only a short few decades, I want it to go Finally, Each memory is a solid.




第二篇作文:I have a dream

Different people have different dreams. Some people dream of making a lot of money. Some people dream of living a happy life. Some people dream of being famous. Some people dream of going abroad, and so on. But my dream is different. Maybe you will get a surprise after you know my dream.

I have a wonderful dream in my heart. Its to speak English very well. Since English is everything for me. English is my best friend. English is my soul. English is my power. Without English, Im nothing at all. Nothing. Now, I can think in English, speak in English, and write in English. Some people think Im an Indian. Some people regard Im a Pakistan. And some people even consider that Im an Egyptian. But if I could speak English as good as an American, my future would be brilliant. So I work very hard.



第三篇范文:my dream

I have many dreams.For example, I want to be rich in the future. Therefore I can buy all what I want.

But my greatest dream is that I want to be an football player.And I want to lead the Chinese team won the World Cup Our country develops fast and our sport make great progress in the last several decades. It has great achievements. All of our country are proud of it. Therefore I want to be one of this amazing area.

In order to make my dream come true I must study hard now. I hope my dream can come true one day.




第四篇作文:my dream

Different people have different dreams. Some people dream of making a lot of money. Some people dream of living a happy life. Some people dream of being famous. Some people dream of going abroad and so on. I have a dream,too.


When I was in school my teacher asked me what I want to be in the future I had no idea at the time because I didn’t think about the question before now I have my dream I have figured out what I want to be in the future I want to be a teacher. This is my future ideal career being a teacher not only fulfills myself I also can implant my knowledge to my students. When I look at my teachers I adore them so much they learn so much knowledge they can help us learn better whenever we have questions they can answer us immediately. I want to be one of them when I grow up so I must study hard now.


作文素材:my dream

As we all knoweverybody had his/her own dream.

Some dreamed to be a scientistothers had the dream becoming a star or even a president. HoweverI was dreaming to be a teacher when I was a little young boy. As far as I knewteachers were respected by people and they also had a high state of society as well as a farewell salary. Teachers were an honored career although they were hard working.

All in all I dreamed to be a teacher no matter what problem I met and how difficult the situation was.




第六篇作文:my dream

Everyone has his dreams. As young students we have many kinds of dreams. These dreams are our China dreams. The dreams can be very big they can also be small. In fact a big dream is made up of many small dreams.

My name’s Li Hong. I also have a dream. I dream of becoming a great scientist. From now on I have to study hard to achieve my dream. I must learn as much as I can. When I meet any difficulty I won’t give it up I must get it over .

I’m sure it’s very important to dream. Some dreams are more realistic others are not. No matter what our dreams are we should hold on to them they can just come true one day.




第七篇范文:my dream

Since I was young I like to draw beautiful lines color can turn everything into eternity.

At the age of six my mother gave me a box of color lead they are lovely and naughty was deeply loved by me. To bear in the mind of the excited take them in some simple pencil on the paper. Can I draw a lovely big rooster for it the beauty of the colorful wings; I can draw upon a rank grass for their colors.

And now I found a simple black and white ash is enough to make me move. The straight and curved lines with a pencil point is dancing on the paper! My pen in the hand on the paper draw my future to make my dreams.




作文结尾:my dream

Everyone has a dream.I also have a dream.

I want to be a computer programmer.Because I like playing computer games,and then I want to make my own games.Of courseI know it is difficult to be a good computer programmer.SoI have to learn more the knowledges about the computer.For exampleI'll have some computer lessons when I have time.And I will read more computer books everyday.What'sI'll join the computer club in high school.

In conclusionI will do some things to improve my computer operation.I am sure my dream will come true one day.





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